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Main features:
- Unique Tyre design: We have taken inspiration from the design of vehicle tires, hence the name Race Case, with this unique design we have used several materials to drastically increase protection for the iPhone while keeping the case visually distinctive, the rear sides of the case are inspired from the tread of tires and have the exact same purpose, to provide increase amounts of grip, lowering the possibility of the device falling off a surface or out of a user's hands.
- Durable TPU material: The chassis and rear side sections of the protective case are manufactured using high grade, soft and flexible TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material, this material drastically increases protection for the iPhone as it able to efficiently absorb and evenly distribute shock from a fall.
- Extended corner bumpers: We have designed an extended shock absorbing bumper on each corner of the case which are designed to easily absorb shocks when impacting a surface on a corner.
- Transparent rear design: We have used a durable and rigid transparent PC (Polycarbonate) material on the rear of the case which is designed to preserve the clear appearance of the iPhone placed in the case
- Anti-yellowing material: The transparent PC (Polycarbonate) material utilised in the rear section of the case is designed not to turn yellow after long term usage.
- Camera protection: We have designed a 0.8mm elevated edge around the camera lens to safeguard it from scratches.
- Screen edge protection: We have elevated the boarder of the screen by 1.0mm as well as added an increase elevated and thickened corner to provide extra protection for the screen
- Durable PC material: The robust and rigid PC (Polycarbonate) material used in the rear of the protective case is scratch resistant and provides increased durability without compromising on the unique aesthetic of the iPhone placed in the case.
- Internal anti-watermark design: A complex process used to create an internal dotted texture has been chosen and used in the internal layer of the transparent PC (Polycarbonate) to drastically reduces the possibility of watermark stains of appearing in between the device and the protective case, this process has allowed us to create a case that is very transparent and clear.
- TPU Covered button design: We have designed this case with soft TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) covered button protection, this allows the user to comfortably push the device's volume and power buttons with ease without having to apply excessive and uncomfortable levels of pressure, covering the buttons also enables a greater level of protection for the device's buttons
- Accurately manufactured openings: The case openings have been accurately manufactured to be perfectly aligned with the speakers opening, and charging port openings of the iPhone, reinforcing our commitment to creating products that our customers can trust.
- Wireless charging compatible: This case has been designed to be compatible with wireless charging.

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